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Communication Technologies

Computer access

It will be the responsibility of the school to provide students with access to an internet connection at school. Each school will have differing arrangements in relation to computer hardware access for students. It is essential that students have access to a reliable computer with internet access both at home and at home.

Computer hardware

The courses are designed to be delivered across platforms therefore a PC or MAC computer is appropriate. Obviously the later the model and operating system then the better the performance. An operating system requirement is not specified.

Computer software

The course content is delivered using standard internet browser software and a web based email system. A communication software client (Elluminate and/ or DiscoverE) is required to be downloaded and installed.

While not mandatory a word processing software program such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs to complete homework tasks is also essential. If this software is not available there are a number of technical solutions that can be worked through and put in place.

The Software Design and Development course requires student to have access to a programming language software. The Microsoft Visual Basic software is used and can be downloaded as required.

Computer problems

The teacher and centre manager can assist with computer problems, even after hours. Because students are required to be in contact each week and have a schedule of tasks and homework to complete it is vital that computer and internet connectivity problems are dealt with quickly.

Technical support

Initially contact your teacher and then Ian Lutton by phone or email.