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Changes over the past ten years have broadened the options for students enrolling in courses for the New South Wales Higher School Certificate. Students are no longer confined to a mostly academic pathway or limited to courses that can be taught at their schools. It is now possible to study using several different modes of delivery, attending different campuses and institutions, pursuing various pathways over a number of years.
Online, flexible delivery courses have been made available to students in systemic, congregational and independent Catholic schools to cater for specific student needs. 

Online courses are not intended to replace existing face-to-face classes. What schools are endeavouring to do is to maintain a Catholic education for these students and to provide them with access to subjects that traditionally have created timetable difficulties due to their very small class size. 

The Online Education Centre commenced operation in 2003 in the Diocese of LIsmore. With the assistance of the Maitland-Newcastle, Broken Bay and Wagga Wagga Dioceses, it has grown significantly to deliver an increasing number of online courses to senior high school students in Catholic schools across New South Wales. 

The subjects delivered are ones which schools traditionally have difficulty running due to small candidature, lack of expertise at the local school level or timetable clashes.