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What will I be doing in this course?

Economic decisions play an important part in influencing the quality of our lives. By studying Economics you will be able to make wise choices about your life and especially about your career. Economics is distinctive because of the skills you will develop to be able to address the problems and issues confronting you in life and in developing skills that are useful in numerous careers.

The Preliminary Course

The Preliminary course gives a general overview of Economics and consists of six topics:

Introduction to Economics

Consumers and Business


Labour Markets

Financial Markets

Government in the Economy

HSC course

The HSC course investigates the impact of the global economy on the management of the Australian economy. It consists of four topics:

The Global Economy

Australia's Place in the Global Economy

Economic Issues

Economic Policies and Management

In Economics you will learn to think, investigate, discuss, argue, debate, justify, research, write, understand, analyse and evaluate. You will learn to take an interest in the current events, issues and decisions that will impact upon your life. You will learn to make decisions and to take a stance on issues of importance to you.

What should I be able to do at the end of the course?

Students completing Economics should be able to:

  • understand economic terms, concepts and ideas
  • identify and explain current economic issues
  • understand the impacts of economic events on you and on Australia
  • explain and make sense of the globalised world
  • evaluate government policies
  • appreciate the link between Economics and the business world
  • make more informed career choices

How will this course help me in the future?

Economics is designed for a broad range of students and student needs. It will develop skills and provide opportunities for those who are academically oriented and are pursuing a high level of performance at the HSC. It will also develop thinking and decision making skills that are highly valued in a broad range of careers.

Economics is in fact a foundation subject for many careers and is essential for a well-rounded education, complementing a broad range of courses of study. Students pursuing science, law, media, government, politics, foreign affairs, economic research and forecasting and research based careers are also advantaged by the study of Economics.

For those students who are not so academically focused but still wish to pursue careers in accounting, marketing, finance, human resource management, hotel management, business management, banking, share and commodity markets and many other areas, Economics provides the basis for these careers.

How will I be assessed?

Assessment will consist of a range of tasks including tests and examinations, research investigation and communication, stimulus based skills and group work.