2022 Preliminary HSC Enrolments OPEN NOW



Welcome to the Online Education Centre as a parent, participating school or potential student.

The Online Education Centre is an initiative of the Diocese of Lismore. It supports students in Catholic high schools and colleges across NSW to study a variety of NSW Preliminary and Higher School Certificate courses that may not be otherwise available to them at their home school. 

Enrolments for 2022 Preliminary HSC are now open! 

The staff of the Online Education Centre are very aware of the commitment students make to study online courses and that they may experience some difficulties along the way. I am sure you will find us sympathetic to students' situations and willing to provide as much support as we can.

There are various reasons why students choose to study a HSC course online. Whatever their reasons, we are hopeful that students find their studies both challenging and rewarding. We are sure that their engagement in an online course will have a significant impact on their learning in other areas.

It is important to us that any association with our centre is a successful one. If you encounter any difficulties you should feel comfortable to contact the staff.


Ian Lutton 
Online Education Centre Manager