Students who attend a Systemic, Congregational or Independent Catholic School in NSW are eligible to enrol in a course.

Enrolment in an online subject is completed as part of the Year 10 into Year 11 subject selection process at each school between July and September. 

Applications are now completed using an online application form which can be downloaded from this site.

All application forms require your principal’s approval and endorsement before being forwarded to the Online Education Centre. Finalisation of enrolments and notification of places occurs in late November/early December.

Once a student is accepted, the home school then notifies the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) that the student is studying this particular course at an outside school and enrols them accordingly.

Important questions to consider

Attempting an online course should not be seen as an alternative to a course studied at school or an easy option. In fact it is more difficult and more time consuming. Some considerations include: 

  • Do I have computer related skills particularly in internet based technologies such as email and communication technologies such as word processing and can I converse well, in writing, using the internet?
  • Am I able to work well on my own with limited supervision?
  • Can I work with diligence and sustained effort?
  • Will I be able to attend after school/evening classes each week?
  • Am I motivated, self disciplined with good time management skills?
  • Will I be able to attend the regional workshops each term?
  • Will I be able to devote at least six hours per week to the study of an online course. This is a minimum time requirement which includes time spent at school and at home?
  • Do I have enough time and access to a home and school computer?